Made That Way

Susan Ketchen - Made That Way

Made That Way

Oolichan Books

In this stand-alone sequel to Born That Way, Sylvia has begun medical treatment for her genetic condition, but as usual not all goes according to plan. Sylvia must develop a deeper understanding of what “normal” means, and decide how important it is to get there.

In Sylvia’s opinion, it’s really not the right time to have her own horse, but Grandpa ships one to her anyway, a small grey he thinks is the perfect match. True enough, Brooklyn is as strong-minded and spirited as Sylvia. So it’s odd that Kansas doesn’t seem to like him, and refuses to explain why.

This is a heartfelt, funny continuation of Sylvia’s misadventures in which she experiments with the ways of the boss mare and learns how to influence those around her, and how to take charge of her own life.

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